Assam Oolong tea- 100 Grams

Assam Oolong tea- 100 Grams

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A rare style of oolong tea from India’s Assam region, this pleasant tea must be sipped to be believed. Assam Indian oolong tea is produced by hand, using old-time methods such as smoking over a charcoal fire. This unique process creates a gorgeous color and complex flavor profile that begs to be savored.Oolong tea leaves are little oxidized bringing about a drink that has less caffeine but has a better level of cancer prevention agents. Oolong tea was made for the individuals who don’t especially appreciate the verdant flavor however might want to appreciate a greater amount of the medical advantages. The outcome is a mix that consolidates the flavor, smell and color of green tea and black tea. Oolong has a fruity aroma and the taste is like that of a melon.


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